Why you should hire me…

Why you should hire me…..

Haha….sounds like quite a cheeky title for a blog post right? What I really mean is why you should hire a wedding planner to be part of your wedding day. This is not aimed to sound like a ‘Hire me!’ plea but more about why hiring a wedding professional should be an essential part of the wedding budget.

More often, brides and grooms ‘umm and ahh’ about whether they should hire a wedding planner and/or a coordinator for their day. These questions tend to arise when looking at how much this can cost and can have you thinking ‘nahh maybe we dont need one’. Hmmm

Scenario 1: The table plan that you spent hours putting together is framed on an amazing floral board set up at the reception entrance for guests to be clear about seating arrangements.

Uh oh? Aunty Joanne has brought a guest, she  seats her guest right next to her meaning that Cousin Lucy is without a seat. She goes to sit in another seat that appears free but this seat was actually allocated to Pete from work who is running a few minutes late. Pete doesn’t want to cause a drama and so sits at a table at the back with some other miscellaneous guests and away from his work colleagues whom he knows all so well.

Who is going to sort this out?

Scenario 2: Vicky from the catering company gives you a call 48 hours before the wedding to confirm what colour the charger plates the venue provide are? Vicky advised that you should’ve given her more notice if the venue weren’t providing them as its too late for her to arrange to get some now.

Charger plates? What are those? Did I say the venue provided them?

This leads to a flurry of phonecalls trying to find out if the venue provide charger plates, you still don’t have a clue what these things are!

Whilst these scenarios may seem pretty humourous, these scenarios and many more are all but too common during the wedding process.

Hiring a wedding professional can be an amazing experience which will allow you to have a level of confidence that you have somebody on your side who doesnt have their own agenda but is genuinely working to make sure that everything you have spoken of comes into existence on your special day.

Remember wedding planners provide a service and not a product and so you need to develop a level of trust that the person you hire will be able to provide on the day. Choose a planner who knows her stuff, has similar values to you, understands your vision and has a personality that you click with. It could be the best decision you ever made!

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